Podcast Episode Nine: Shownotes

Hello! In today’s episode (which you can find here) I chat about my latest design release, the Tawney Sweater. I also have a tale of WIP-woe, balanced out by two other projects that are bringing me nothing but joy. Oh, and my yarny self-restraint took a nose-dive these last couple of weeks so be prepared for a bumper stash acquisition section!

What’s Off My Needles


The Tawney Sweater is my first sweater design and has been released as part of Mild Woman’s first pattern collection. This design was inspired the intersecting lines and bold shapes found in the work of weavers such as Anni Albers and Lenore Tawney, with the design taking its name from the latter artist. I used Rauma Finull PT2 in 414 (dark grey) and 4287 (pale blue-grey). The pattern is now available to purchase either from the Mild Woman website, or their Ravelry store.

What’s On My Needles


A tale of woe! I’ve been working on this cardigan design since the summer and was so thrilled to have finally cast off the button bands, but alas, it was not to be! The cardigan is knitted up in the delightful Gilliatt from De Rerum Natura in the Quartz colourway and now needs to undergo extensive sweater surgery/ ripping to get it back on track. Sigh!


Ok, moving on from the tale of woe to a project which is bringing me JOY (peppered with mild frustration at my inability to get a pair of sock finished in anything resembling a timely fashion). These are my Parkamoor Socks designed by my lovely friend Katherine, and the pattern is now available for purchase on Ravelry – woo! I’m knitting these up in a lovely, no-nylon, non-superwash 4ply sock yarn from Doulton Border Leicester which I picked up from Northern Yarn in Lancaster a couple of months ago. Soon, these pretties will be on my feet, soon! Oh, and the magnificent colourway is Uschi pink.


My final active WIP is my newly cast on Ola Yoke, a gorgeous, bottom-up sweater designed by Ella Gordon. I’m knitting my Ola up in Jamieson and Smith 2ply jumper weight in the following colours:
82mix (Dark green)
71/ (Bright mint)
001 (White)
101 (Pale pink)
95 (Mid pink)
52 (Hot pink)

Thanks again for watching!

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