I’m Back, I’m Knitting, And I’ve Started A Podcast

Hello lovelies! I know it’s been rather a long time time since I last posted but I’m back, I’m knitting, and, most excitingly of all, I’ve started a podcast! If you fancy checking out my first episode, simply search Wool Is My Bread on YouTube and you can join me for half an hour of slightly nervous knitting chatter.

Before I launch into the show notes section, I thought that I would first briefly bring you up to speed with what’s changed for me over the last 5 months, because there have been several drastic changes!

I wrote my last post back in early December and I was feeling fairly lost and directionless at the time. I had just moved to Edinburgh and while I was incredibly fortunate to have a close group of supportive friends there, my fruitless job search was getting me down. In recent years, knitting has provided a positive way to escape, at least temporarily, when I haven’t felt on top form in other areas of my life. But as time went on, even my knitting stopped bringing me joy. I still knitted most days but my enthusiasm to share my progress on Instagram or write a more lengthly blog post really took a nose dive. Fast forward five months and I’m now living in The Netherlands, doing a 6 month design internship at a leather tannery! And I feel better. My days have structure again and knitting is once more a source of happiness, so much so that I decided to start recording a podcast! I’m hoping to record every couple of weeks but we’ll see. My internship is full time and I’m also juggling a few freelance projects so I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. I enjoyed the whole process of recording so much, and even though I was a big ball of anxiety after I hit publish, this gradually subsided as I began receiving kind, positive comments from friends and strangers alike. A week after posting the episode I am completely bowled over by how many people have viewed the video, and how many people have subscribed! I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this beautiful, talented and supportive yarny community.

Ok, now for show notes! I’m not entirely sure how my blog will function now I have the podcast so I’ll have to ask you to bear with me while I figure out a format which is both logical and achievable. For sure I will write a post to accompany every new episode, and ideally it will be published at the same time and not a week after as has happened on this occasion (sorry!). I would like to do more regular blog updates which are unrelated to podcast content, or go into great detail into projects. Watch this space!


What Am I Wearing?

Fern and Feather

This week I am wearing possibly my favourite knitted sweater to date, Fern & Feather by Jennifer Steingass. If you want to read more about my test knitting experience, I wrote a blog post on it which you can find here.

The yarn I used is unspun Plötulopi which is 100% Icelandic wool produced in Iceland by Ístex. For the main colour I used Arctic Blue Heather and for the contrasting colours in the yoke I used White, Ash Heather, Light Forest Heather and Clover Green Heather.

What’s Off My Needles?

Crystalline Cowl Hero

This week I cast off a cowl design which I originally for the Making Stories JEWELS submission. My entry was unsuccessful but I felt that my little swatch had potential so after a few months of dithering I finally wrote up the pattern and knit the first sample. The pattern is currently being tech edited right now so fingers crossed I will be able to put out a call for test knitters really soon!

I used Rauma Finull PT2 which is a 100% Norwegian wool, heavy fingering weight yarn. The mustard yellow shade is 417 and the pale mint is 4106.

What’s On My Needles?


Is there really anything better than a self-striping vanilla sock when you want to work on something simultaneously mindless and gratifying! I am using a Chiagoo 2.5mm circular needle and Regia ‘Pairfect’ yarn in one of the coloursways designed by Arne and Carlos. The number of this particular colourway is 09137.

Dream Knitting


The picture says it all really. I am dreaming of casting on Ysolda Teague’s top down, fingering weight, colourwork yoke sweater, Threipmuir using some gorgeous yarn which I purchased at Edinburgh Yarn Fest. The yarn is produced by The Birlinn Yarn Company and I have Storm Grey for the main colour (an undyed blend of Hebridean and Cheviot), Peaty Brown for the first contrasting colour (another undyed yarn, this time 100% Hebridean), and Corn Marigold (a dyed blend of Hebridean and Cheviot).

So, I hope that covers everything I chatted about during my first episode. If I’ve missed anything, please feel free to ask questions in the comments! Thank you so much to anyone who tuned it, seeing that people out there have viewed, commented and subscribed means so much!

Until next time, happy knitting!

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